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Branches and rotting roots of FICUS Microcarpa
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Imię i nazwisko: Gloria Andrade
Hello, I'm new to the forum. I would like to ask you for help - I have Ficus Microcarp - vaccinated. Today when I was watering it, I saw 2 small holes on the root and scattered sawdust ... I guessed it was a bark beetle. I started to touch the root and it turned out that it was soft .. I dug a tree and it turned out that most thick roots are rotten - they were heavily soaked in water .. I probably watered it abundantly in the autumn. I cut a huge amount of rotten roots and it turned out that I have a lot of bark beetles inside. All infected and rotten roots cut off and exaggerated the tree. A question for you how to fight bark beetles? Because I suspect that they can appear again, and I have two other bonsai in the room and I am afraid that the pests can go to them.

Ps. If I did not see these little holes, I would not even know that there is something wrong with the tree ... although 80% of the roots were broken, the tree was doing well and it did not drop any leaf ...

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